Cooling Solutions for Hot Water Heated Homes

Homeowners who live with hot water heat/boilers- Air conditioning IS available, and we’re talking about more than just the window AC units!

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Practical Systems would like to introduce you to some air conditioning options for hot water heated homes.  These cooling solutions are becoming more and more common in locations like Minneapolis, where there is an abundance of homes with boiler and radiator supplied hot water heating.

Mini-Split Air Conditioning:

We can install a mini split air conditioning system in your hot water heated home. Unlike window or portable air conditioning units, this system provides efficient cooling for your entire home!  The split air conditioning systems also are very quiet, so you will not be disturbed. The air conditioner’s indoor unit is mounted on the wall, with a condensing unit located on the exterior of the home, much like the conventional air conditioners we are all familiar with. You can add additional indoor units if you have a larger home.  This ductless cooling solution provides quiet, efficient, even cooling throughout your home.  These systems use environmentally friendly R410a refrigerant.

Concealed, Small Duct Air Conditioning:

For hot water heated homes where an invasive remodel is not an option, and a wall mounted unit is unappealing, this cooling solution is becoming more and more common.  This system utilizes the existing spaces in your home’s construction to provide cooling through small, round ducts concealed withing the existing walls and ceilings.  This system can be installed in a number of different places, and numerous options allow you to choose finishes to match your home’s existing decor. It also is the smallest, least invasive unit out of the three systems.  This air conditioning option for your radiant heated home is also very efficient and quiet, and provides even, effective cooling without being noticed.

Contact Practical Systems solve your air conditioning problems for your hot water heated home!

From Flickr user: takomabibelot

The Practical Systems’ team will provide the cooling solution of your choice in your hot water heated home. With our commitment to exceptional service, your home comfort is in good hands!  So call today to make your appointment and we will have a team member out in no time to get you some fresh air!

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