5 Most Common Summer Allergens

AllergiesFor most people in the Minneapolis, MN area, summer means endless hours out on the boat, catching a happy hour out on a patio with friends, and summer camps for the kids.  However, for some people, summer means the onset of allergies caused by plants that bloom all summer long.  In this post I’m going to talk about the top 5 summer allergens Minneapolis, MN residents suffer from and how Practical Systems can help.

  1. Pollen – In the middle of summer, Ragweed pollen is what we’ll find in our air. 
  2. Mold – The hot, humid days of Minnesota summers can cause a spike in mold spores in our air during July and August.  Refer to our blog about mold last week that addressed how to eliminate mold indoors.
  3. Stings – Stings are less common than other allergens, but more harmful for those that are allergic.
  4. Poison Ivy – Poison Ivy is also less common as it’s detectable, avoidable, and treatable if a hiker comes into contact with it.  However, if left undetected, it can spread fast and cause one uncomfortable summer.
  5. Seasonal fruit – If someone is allergic to a certain type of pollen, that reaction can also cause an allergic reaction to certain types of fruit.  Avoidable and not serious, people tend to either put up with the allergy or avoid the fruits altogether.

Practical Systems wants you to enjoy our beautiful Minnesota summers while we have these gorgeous days.  Make the most of your summer by gaining control over you indoor air quality.  Installing a whole home dehumidifier can keep the mold out of your house and improve your quality of life year round.  Air purifiers and forced air A/C systems keep the pollen from entering your home through vents and open windows.  Call today to schedule your free estimate if you or someone in your household is an allergy sufferer.  Follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn to stay on top of all of the ways Practical Systems can help you improve your indoor air quality!   

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