Allergy Season Solution!

With allergy season in full swing, many want to find a non-medicated solution. Practical Systems can help! We install air purification systems to help you stay healthier especially in the cold and allergy seasons.

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The purification system removes germs, bacteria, mold, dust, and viruses that plague your home and ultimately cause illness. No matter how clean a home is there are in fact pollutants in the home.

The Practical System’s team will come into your home and install a whole home ultraviolet light system. You only need one of these systems throughout your home to see a difference in the air’s purity.

The purification system not only helps with allergies, but has been helpful with asthma patients as well. 

For the first time this summer we were able to turn on our AC without our daughter getting sick or having to rush to the emergency room. For several previous summers, she would get sick whenever we turned on the air conditioning, including when we had the ducts cleaned and when we use the Filtrete Filters. The UV light is incredible and making a huge difference for her.”  RICK-CRYSTAL, MN

Let Practical Systems keep you and your family healthier all year round!

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Call 952-933-1868 ext. 206 to make an appointment for installation today! 

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