3 Specials From Practical Systems To Save You Money On Home Maintenance

Are you looking for a good deal on your home maintenance costs?  If you’re someone who never buys something at full price and always has a coupon, Practical Systems has a deal for you.  Read below to find out more about our online specials and how you can take advantage of them. Home maintenance is […]

Getting Your Natural Gas Fireplace A Tune-Up

Imagine you’re coming home from work on the coldest day and snowiest day of the year.  You wrestled with our legendary Minneapolis winter weather traffic jams and it took you an hour longer to get home than normal.  The temperatures were so low that your garage door was frozen to the floor of your garage, […]

5 Most Common Summer Allergens

For most people in the Minneapolis, MN area, summer means endless hours out on the boat, catching a happy hour out on a patio with friends, and summer camps for the kids.  However, for some people, summer means the onset of allergies caused by plants that bloom all summer long.  In this post I’m going […]

Mold Allergies: 4 Symptoms You May Be Suffering From

Allergy sufferers that have symptoms year round could possibly be reacting to mold in their homes.  If your allergies tend to escalate during the winter months, there’s a higher chance you could have mold in your home.  Several homeowners have kept their mold problem at bay with a whole house dehumidifier.  Whether it’s winter or […]

7 Benefits Of Installing A Whole House Dehumidifier

Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night with a serious case of night sweats?  One cause might be from over-indulging in libations.  But if you’re sure an overworked liver isn’t the cause to your clammy skin, it’s probably because you need a whole house dehumidifier.  When the air is cold in […]

The Importance Of An Air Filter

Coming out of the coldest spring on record, I’m thinking back to all the great jokes I heard about the cruddy weather we are climbing out of.  A couple of my favorites include “Old Man Winter must have gotten lost on his way out of town, “ and “Mother Nature must be going through menopause”.  […]

Top 5 Summer Allergens

Check out this article on the top 5 summer allergens and watch the pollen report video! Pollen, mold, stings, poison ivy & sunscreen, and seasonal fruit are listed as the most common allergies this time of year.  Also look at our previous blog post about allergies and how your home can help them rather than […]

AC Tune-Up Special Extended!!

We are extending our AC tune-up special of $115 until June 25. As we are experiencing the weather heat up, make sure you can stay cool inside the home! Don’t miss out on the exceptional customer service for such a great price! Here is what the special includes: Indoor/Outdoor Unit Clean condensing oil Check for adequate […]

Allergy Season Solution!

With allergy season in full swing, many want to find a non-medicated solution. Practical Systems can help! We install air purification systems to help you stay healthier especially in the cold and allergy seasons. The purification system removes germs, bacteria, mold, dust, and viruses that plague your home and ultimately cause illness. No matter how […]

Test Your Indoor Air Quality

How safe is your Indoor Air? Does your home have carpeting? Carpeting captures dust, dirt, chemicals and everything we track in from the outdoors. Carpeting also outgases formaldehydes and other chemicals used in processing. Do you have an attached garage? Carbon monoxide from cars running in the garage (even for a few minutes), will enter […]