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Practical Systems is a complete residential heating, ventilation and air conditioning contractor servicing the Minneapolis, MN. Whether you are in need of a simple or complex system, you can depend on us to provide you with all the facts needed to make a sound decision.

When consumers decide to install a new central air system, there are a few things to tell the inspector before an inspection or evaluation appointment with a clean air expert. Often, these experts will want to give your house an evaluation to determine the system that is best for you. Let the expert know what your clean air concerns may be.

Here is a list of a few things you should pass along:

  1. Concerns over dust, allergens, and fumes in the home.
  2. Experiences with excessive humidity or dry air.
  3. Problems with the noise level of the equipment responsible for customizing your air.
  4. Any cold spots or hot spots in your home with the current system.

There are many symptoms, causes, and cures for these concerns, but armed with the right information you can be given plenty of options to fit your particular needs.

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