Adding Moisture To Your Dry Home

A humidifier can be a great tool for adding moisture to the air. It can help prevent dryness in the nose, throat, lips, and skin. Many people use a humidifier because they find it easier to breathe when the air is moist. This is a good way to loosen up congestion in the chest as well.

There are several types of humidifiers. The ultrasonic humidifier creates a cool mist from ultrasonic sound vibrations. The impeller produces a cool mist by using a high speed disk that rotates. Most of us are familiar with the evaporative humidifier. This uses a fan to blow air through a material that has been moistened. This can be a wick, filter, or belt. The steam vaporizer heats the water and then cools it before it leaves the humidifier.

Humidifiers come in many sizes to meet the needs of you and your home. Some are electric and need to be plugged in while others don’t. Most of them work by pouring water into the container and it will put a moist mist into the air. Electrical humidifiers warm the water before the cool mist is released. For best results use distilled water in all types of humidifiers.

To get the most benefit from your humidifier use one that is designed for your particular need. Make sure you use the correct setting and that you keep it clean. A dirty humidifier can breed mold and microorganisms. Each humidifier will come with cleaning instructions that you need to follow. Some people suffer from respiratory issues when they use a humidifier. Contact your doctor if you do.

It is important to keep humidifiers on a flat surface and way from the reach of children. Injuries can result from a falling humidifier or from water spills. Burns can also result if you have an electric humidifier.

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