4 Basics To Maintaining Your Air Conditioner

With the heat wave we’ve been experiencing this July in Minneapolis, MN, many people are discovering their deferred maintenance on their air conditioner is causing them to lose their cooling system just at the wrong time.  When people run into this problem, they may also have a hard time finding a technician who has the […]

How Practical Systems Helps You Cool Off Efficiently This Summer

Our Minneapolis lakes are beautiful and a fantastic place to spend a Saturday afternoon with friends and family.  But it’s a fact that they do get warm and weedy this time of year.  Practical Systems provides several cooling options.  As an authorized Trane dealer, we provide our clients with the best and most efficient cooling […]

Natural Gas Fire Pit: 3 Things To Consider

People live in Minneapolis, MN and the surrounding suburbs for the sake of convenience.  When you need one ingredient from the grocery store, you can usually run to the store and be back at your house within fifteen minutes.  Neighborhoods in the Minneapolis metro area have been designed so that everything you need is no […]

Homes Without Forced Air: 3 Affordable Cooling Options

For homeowners with radiant hot water heated homes, summer may be a point of contention for you.  You bought your home because you loved the architecture, however, you may have sacrificed on cooling options.  In this blog I’m going to talk about three affordable options for cooling homes that have hot water heat. Homes that […]

5 Most Common Summer Allergens

For most people in the Minneapolis, MN area, summer means endless hours out on the boat, catching a happy hour out on a patio with friends, and summer camps for the kids.  However, for some people, summer means the onset of allergies caused by plants that bloom all summer long.  In this post I’m going […]

Mold Allergies: 4 Symptoms You May Be Suffering From

Allergy sufferers that have symptoms year round could possibly be reacting to mold in their homes.  If your allergies tend to escalate during the winter months, there’s a higher chance you could have mold in your home.  Several homeowners have kept their mold problem at bay with a whole house dehumidifier.  Whether it’s winter or […]

7 Benefits Of Installing A Whole House Dehumidifier

Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night with a serious case of night sweats?  One cause might be from over-indulging in libations.  But if you’re sure an overworked liver isn’t the cause to your clammy skin, it’s probably because you need a whole house dehumidifier.  When the air is cold in […]

The Benefits Of Installing A Small-Duct Unico Cooling System

Do you want central cooling but have hot water heat?  That’s a problem for many owners of older homes.  Several homeowners have found a solution in a small-duct air conditioning system.  In this blog, I want to talk about the benefits of installing a small-duct cooling system in your home that currently doesn’t have forced […]

How To Get A Cooling System In Your Home Without A Major Renovation

For homeowners who chose their home because the detail and architecture of early 20th century homes, it may be difficult to keep their indoor air at a comfortable temperature during our warm summer months.  Homes like this are typically the bungalows found in South Minneapolis.  Because of the time period in which they were built, […]

10 Things To Look For In An A/C Tune-Up

When you experience the panic ensued by a non-functioning air conditioning unit on the hottest day of the year, what do you do?  You call your local HVAC company.  The only problem is, so is everyone else who failed to get his or her A/C tuned up in the spring.  The obvious solution to this […]