Yearly Preventative Maintenance Program

Total Home Comfort and Peace of Mind from a company that cares!

Practical Systems is excited about our Practical Advantage Preventative Maintenance Program.  The Practical Advantage Program provides a 30-point tune up on your air conditioner in the Spring plus a 33-point tune up on your furnace or boiler in the Fall.  We can also perform maintenance on any of the home comfort accessories you have at the same time.  When you become an Advantage Member Practical Systems also gives you great savings and more peace of mind.

Practical Advantage Peace of Mind:

  • Equipment tune-ups twice per year
  • Priority Service with in 24 hours
  • 24/7 Emergency Service
  • 10% Discount On All Service Repairs
  • Transferable Agreement

Advantage Benefits to you:

  • Reduced Cooling and Heating Costs *Saving you money!
  • Add Years to Equipment Life *Peace of mind!
  • Protects Your Family *Assures safe and proper equipment operation!
  • Improves Your Equipment Efficiency *Get the most from your investment!
  • Priority Customer Status *Service when you need it…GUARANTEED!
  • Improved Dependability *Comfort available when you want it!
  • Discount on Repair Service *Save money on all necessary repairs!
  • 24-Hour Emergency Service 365 days a year *Service at your convenience — not ours!
  • Agreement is Transferable *Adds value to your home!

Coverage Period
Your Practical Advantage Maintenance Program coverage is effective for a period of one year on selected systems.

Type of Equipment Covered
Plan coverage applies to the following:  the primary air conditioning system (window units excluded) and heating system (furnace or boiler) in a residence comprised of 3 or fewer dwelling units. Optional additional coverage is available for secondary heating systems, secondary cooling systems (window units excluded), and/or other home comfort accessories. Please see pricing guide for details of systems eligible for coverage, when the maintenance will be performed, and the associated costs.

Initial payment/Renewal
Your Practical Advantage membership fee will be due at the time of your initial service appointment for the year covered.  You will receive a reminder when it is time to schedule your next service appointment, and when you need to renew coverage for the following year.

Practical Systems will assume coverage will be renewed, and you will receive a reminder that renewal is due, unless:

  • You have given us prior notice that you do not wish to renew your coverage; or
  • We have given you prior notice that we will not be offering you renewed coverage for reasons of safety or furnace, boiler and/or air conditioning equipment repair history.

Services Covered by the Plan
Your Practical Advantage Program covers the annual tune up and safety check of your furnace or boiler in the Fall and your air conditioner in the Spring.    Your coverage includes a 33-point annual tune up of your heating unit, including a safety test for carbon monoxide, and a 30-point annual tune up of your cooling system. Your annual heating maintenance will be performed between September 1 and October 31st of your coverage year and your cooling maintenance will be performed between April 15th through June 15th.    Additional cleaning that is required due to insufficient maintenance prior to joining the program is excluded from coverage and will be charged to the Plan member at our standard labor rate.

Specific Excluded Costs
Your Plan coverage does not include the cost of problem diagnosis and service, repair, parts replacement or adjustment, or any service above and beyond routine maintenance.  

Additional costs and/or damages resulting from the failure of the systems, or parts thereof, serviced under the Plan are not the responsibility of Practical Systems, unless such damages result from the negligence of Practical Systems or its authorized representative.

Other Provisions

If you move, the remaining balance of the Practical Advantage coverage then in effect remains with the equipment and can be transferred to the new home owner.

Your Plan coverage is not transferable to another residence and, except as specifically noted in this document, is non-refundable.

Practical Systems reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the Plan without notice or liability.

We reserve the right, from time to time to assign our rights and/or obligations in connection with the Plan and your coverage to a third party.

We reserve the right to discontinue the Practical Advantage Program at any time. If we do so, our liability will be restricted to refunding the un-expired portion of the annual charge, if any.

 Equipment Ineligibility
Furnaces that were formerly powered by oil and were converted to natural gas through the installation of a conversion burner are not eligible for coverage. For greater fuel efficiency and energy bill savings, you may consider replacement if you own such a heating unit.

Check out the Practical Advantage Program Pricing Breakdown

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