10 Things To Look For In An A/C Tune-Up

hvac technicianWhen you experience the panic ensued by a non-functioning air conditioning unit on the hottest day of the year, what do you do?  You call your local HVAC company.  The only problem is, so is everyone else who failed to get his or her A/C tuned up in the spring.  The obvious solution to this problem is to get your air conditioner tuned up in the spring!  But I think people procrastinate because they don’t know what to expect.  In this post I will explain what to expect in a yearly cooling system tune-up.

Practical Systems goes above and beyond.  We call our tune-up service a 20pt tune-up, but really we check on about 25 items.  Here’s some of what you can expect for $99.00:

  • Clean condensing coil electrical connections
  • Check for adequate refrigerant charge
  • Check pressure control
  • Check fan motor and blade
  • Check drain line for blockage
  • Check voltage
  • Check for leaks
  • Check all safety controls
  • Check blower
  • Check thermostat

Each component will be checked over by one of our trained technicians.  I think with any situation people are not familiar with, we tend to procrastinate and ignore the issue if we’re not sure how to deal with it.  Hopefully explaining a little more on what will happen during our 20pt tune-up, you will feel more comfortable in having your air conditioner serviced.  By spending $99/year, you can greatly extend the life of your machine and avoid costly repairs down the road.

Listed above only scratches the surface of what Practical Systems covers in a tune-up.  But now that you know more of what to expect, you can feel confident in calling to make your appointment.  Spring is here and appointments are filling up fast.  Call Joann with Practical Systems at 952-933-1868 ext. 205 to schedule your appointment.  Follow and connect with Practical Systems on Facebook and LinkedIn and be sure to share this blog with the first time homeowner you know! 

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