3 Positions Practical Systems Is Now Recruiting For

small__8272206292I hope 2013 has been as prosperous and busy for you as it has been for Practical Systems.  We’ve been consistently busy for months now.  What does that mean for you?  Soon you will be able to get on our schedule quicker when you call for an appointment because Practical Systems is actively recruiting!  We’re excited to announce the opening of three new positions:


HVAC Installation Tech

Service Technician

Tune-Up Technicians 


Landing the perfect job and meeting the perfect employee is all about networking.  That’s why we’re asking our customers to take part in our recruitment process.  Who do you know that has recently obtained certification for or graduated from school that is looking to get into the HVAC profession?  Practical Systems is a great place to work with a fantastic culture.  We’re conveniently located in Hopkins off Shady Oak Road and service all western Minneapolis suburbs as well as into St. Paul.  Each of these positions is a full-time, year round position with a company that cares about their employees.  Practical Systems offers full-time employees a full benefits package so you can take care of your family and plan for your future.  When you join our team, we want you to think about staying for the long haul.


We’re happy to say that Practical Systems is growing and we’re anxious to be able to provide our customers with even more service.  Do you have a son or daughter who is interested in becoming part of our team?  Have them contact us so we can begin the interviewing process and get them to work!  If you’re unsure of whether or not Practical Systems would be a good fit for the person you know who is looking for a career in the above three fields, connect with us on Facebook and LinkedIn where we share our weekly blogs on the different ways we’re able to help our customers. 

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