3 Tips To Get Your Air Conditioner Ready For Winter

medium_7847686162The Minnesota State Fair begins this week, which is a signal for Minnesotans to pack away the swimsuits, put the boat in storage, and get the kids off to school.  Among the things that need to be addressed to get ready for winter is getting your air conditioner unit ready for those long, dormant months.  So, when you’re strolling down the midway, enjoying your deep fried candy bar on a stick, remember that it could possibly snow in as little as 8 weeks!  Below are some “tips on a stick” on how to get your air conditioner ready for winter.

Winterizing your outdoor air conditioning unit should be done while the weather is still nice enough outside to use the hose:

  • Clear the outside unit of any obstructions such as twigs, leaves, and other plant debris
  • Gently wash the outside air conditioning unit, careful not to damage any fins.  Before you wash the air conditioner, be sure to turn the power off to the unit.
  • You may see a lot of outdoor air conditioner units covered up during the long winter months.  These machines are built to withstand our harsh winters, so there isn’t a need to cover them up.  Besides, any protection you may be providing with a cover could cause more damage by creating a cozy nesting place for small critters that love to chew on wires.

The most important thing you can do for your air conditioning unit and forced air system before we transition into winter is to schedule a tune-up with Practical Systems.  One of our professional, trained, experienced technicians will come to your home at a scheduled time to look over all components of your cooling system.  This is important to ensure no damage occurs to your air conditioner and to make sure everything is working for when the weather heats up again in the spring.  Call today to get on our schedule!

So, during this year’s Minnesota State Fair season, think of these “tips on a stick” while you’re enjoying all of the different foods on a stick there are to sample from.  Does going to the State Fair put you in a social mood?  Connect with us on Facebook and LinkedIn where we share “tips on a stick” for your HVAC needs all year long.

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