4 Basics To Maintaining Your Air Conditioner

medium_3259686484With the heat wave we’ve been experiencing this July in Minneapolis, MN, many people are discovering their deferred maintenance on their air conditioner is causing them to lose their cooling system just at the wrong time.  When people run into this problem, they may also have a hard time finding a technician who has the time to repair their air conditioner.  In this blog, I’m going to talk about 4 things you should do each year to maintain your air conditioner.

When the temperatures outside rise to uncomfortable levels, your air conditioner must work overtime in order to maintain a steady, comfortable temperature inside.  With all of its moving parts, it’s only a matter of time until an air conditioner that has deferred maintenance breaks down.  In this case, you would call Practical Systems and we would happily rescue you on the hottest day of the year.  But even the best HVAC companies in Minneapolis run short of time and resources to take care of their clients.  In that case, you’ll want to be proactive to make sure your cooling system doesn’t break down in the first place.  Below are 4 things you should do each year to maintain your air conditioner:

  • Change or clean your air conditioner filter
  • Clean your air conditioner coils
  • Straighten your air conditioner coil fins
  • Clean your air conditioner’s condensate drains

The above are minimum maintenance items that should be taken care of for your air conditioner each year.  Hiring a professional can do so much more for the longevity and efficiency of your cooling system, which is where Practical Systems can help.  Our Practical Systems technicians will check to make sure all moving parts are in good working condition, make sure everything is properly lubricated, check for leaks, and ensure you have the correct amount of refrigerant.  To make sure your air conditioner doesn’t fail you on the hottest day of the year, contact Practical Systems for a tune-up each year.  Connect with us on Facebook and LinkedIn to get blog updates from us and read about the many ways Practical Systems can help you with your indoor air quality!

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