Cold Weather Tips about Your Furnace

Schedule a Furnace Tune Up For Peak Efficiency

A furnace tune up cleans your system making it operate more efficiently saving you money on your fuel costs. Plus a tune up is a safety check which will detect any defective or damaged parts. Keep in mind that an annual tune up is recommended by all manufacturers and utility companies. It is designed to keep your system running smoothly and efficiently to save you money.

Update Your Carbon Monoxide Detector for Safety

Did you know that Carbon Monoxide Detectors lose their sensory capabilities and should be replaced regularly? Some detectors last only a couple of years. If you haven’t tested or replaced your detector recently it is time for a new one. Or if you simply need one or more for your home contact us and we will be happy to provide a new one for you.

Avoid Excessive Use of Your Exhaust Fans

Minimize the use of your kitchen and bathroom fans as they make your system work harder increasing energy consumption and costs. Wise use of your exhaust fans will keep costs in check.

Keep Your Thermostat away from heat

Make sure heat-generating appliances such TV’s, lamps and computer equipment are away from your thermostat.

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