Get Your Cooling System Mid-Summer Tune-Up

ac-tuneupWho can complain about this weather?  It’s been mild with no rain.  These perfect summer days may have even driven you to forget about your air conditioner!  However, we’re likely to have several more hot days this summer and well into the fall.  If you were one of the households whose air conditioner broke down during our 95-degree heat wave and a Minneapolis HVAC technician couldn’t get out to your house to fix it, now is a great time to schedule a repair for your cooling system, especially if you’re a senior or you have a baby in the home.  In this blog, I’m going to talk about the importance about being proactive about your cooling system maintenance.

Every HVAC contractor in the Minneapolis area was swamped with emergency calls during our heat wave this past month.  If your cooling unit broke down and you couldn’t get a technician out to your house, now is a great time to do a mid-summer tune-up.  The weather is mild and it’s less problematic if you have to wait a few days before someone can be sent out.  However, we’ll have another heat wave this summer or fall.  Remember how hot last fall was even into September?  A tune-up from Practical Systems will ensure a properly functioning cooling system during the hottest of days.  This is especially important for families with babies in the house or seniors living on their own.  The heat can be especially difficult to deal with for these two age groups and air conditioner maintenance should be taken seriously when it depends on the health of loved ones. 

Are you ready for a mid-summer tune-up for your cooling system?  Contact Practical Systems today!  One of our trained technicians will come out to your home and will check to make sure everything is functioning as it should; such as belts, motors, and fans.  Do you want to learn more about how Practical Systems can help you maintain indoor air comfort all year long?  Connect with us on Facebook and LinkedIn to get notified of our weekly blog posts and be sure to share our name with your neighbors! 

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