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Practical Systems Home is a place to which you return to be warm, cozy and happy. To be warm or to keep the home warm and protective from winter there are a lot of products available to suit every budget. Heaters and Air conditioners are absolutely necessary to make the home comfortable to live in and are available in different sizes, makes and models.

Gas Heaters are available in sizes ranging from desktop to standalone heaters that can heat up to 1200 sq.feet area. Space heaters with attractive cabinets have been made child and pet safe. Standard features in such models include an adjustable switch or thermostat.

Fuel efficient gas-fired boilers and electric boilers with cast-iron construction offer high heating capacities. Where the heating area is relatively high, these boilers, offering heating capacities ranging from 41k to 72k BTU/hr can be ideally used.

Radiant heating is useful to heat the cool floors. This radiant heater is embedded under the flooring and is heated by electricity. The heat is controlled by a programmable thermostat. Radiant heater models are available for carpet, wood and thin tile floors.

Water heaters are available in two models – the traditional water heater, heating water in tank and the modern tank less water heater. Water heaters are available both in gas-fired and electricity charged models. One can choose a model according to his hot water requirements.

Tank less or on demand water heater heats water as the water passes through it unlike a traditional water heater where water in the tank is heated as a whole. This model, famous in Europe and Japan, saves money spent on energy. Department of Energy of the USA has issued a detailed guideline about this product.

Hot water is required not only in the bath but in the kitchen too. Instant water heater models, dispensing up to 60 cups of hot water per hour, will be a real boon in the kitchen. This product comes with twist handle faucet in various finishes.

Humidity levels have to be maintained to keep people comfortable and save fine furniture from drying out. Humidifiers send moist warmed air and help reduce dust mites and bacterial growth. To help maintain humidity levels Humidifiers come handy.

While humidifiers help with moist warm air De-Humidifiers are said to manage moisture automatically based on conditions prevailing. Coming with the option of built in ventilation and fan, this model brings in fresh air from outside.

Thermostats are used to control various heating systems like gas, oil and electric heaters as well as air conditioning systems. Programmable thermostats – they can be programmed for seven days, week days, weekend periods, and periods per day – are said to save energy costs as much as by 33%.

Heating systems are available in plenty of models and designs. One can easily choose according to his needs and budget. As the products are energy guzzling by design, it would be prudent to choose a product which offers maximum benefit in terms of cost and energy saving.

Heating systems in a home provide only physical warmth to the occupants, but kindness and consideration for all, provides psychological warmth and comfort to all the residents.

Submitted By: Taisha Grant

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