Homes Without Forced Air: 3 Affordable Cooling Options

small__3325253429For homeowners with radiant hot water heated homes, summer may be a point of contention for you.  You bought your home because you loved the architecture, however, you may have sacrificed on cooling options.  In this blog I’m going to talk about three affordable options for cooling homes that have hot water heat.

Homes that are heated with hot water heat are usually from an era gone by.  These homes were built in the early 20th century and were built with details, materials, and character that is difficult to come by in today’s new construction homes.  These early 20th century homes, since they don’t have forced air, rarely have a cooling system to make the indoor air comfortable during hot summer days.  Practical Systems can help by installing one of three different options in your home with hot water heat:

Wall mounted AC – Wall mounted AC units are a great alternative to window AC units.  Wall mounted units provide even flowing cooling throughout your home and blend in with your décor.  Window AC’s generally cool only the room they are installed in, are loud, and unsightly.  Wall mounted AC units use environmentally friendly R410 refrigerant; not only will you get cool air, you will get FRESH air.

Concealed duct ceiling AC – Able to be installed in a number of different locations, blending seamlessly with your décor, and the smallest of these three systems, the concealed duct ceiling AC lives up to its name.  For optimal comfort, the concealed duct ceiling AC unit comes with a remote so you can easily control the temperature throughout your home.

Ceiling cassette AC – This is a great alternative to wall mounted AC units as it can often be used in places with limited space.  The ceiling cassette AC unit conveniently comes with a remote for you to easily control your indoor air comfort.

With our team of trained technicians, Practical Systems can work with you to find the right AC system for your home with hot water radiant heat.  Call today to schedule your free consultation and estimate so you can achieve indoor air comfort in no time!  Connect with us on Facebook and LinkedIn where we post our blog updates – you’ll want to stay on top of all of our services to help you achieve optimal indoor air quality and comfort!

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