How To Get A Cooling System In Your Home Without A Major Renovation

unico vent coverFor homeowners who chose their home because the detail and architecture of early 20th century homes, it may be difficult to keep their indoor air at a comfortable temperature during our warm summer months.  Homes like this are typically the bungalows found in South Minneapolis.  Because of the time period in which they were built, they were constructed only with boiler operated radiant heat systems with no cooling options.  Because of this, there was no ductwork needed for a forced air system.  Many homeowners have solved their cooling issues with window air conditioning systems, but there is an aesthetic problem, noise problem, as well as unevenness of cool air in the home.  In this blog, I want to talk about the best solution for a non-intrusive forced air heating and cooling system that requires little to no remodeling.

The Unico System is the best small-duct central heating and air conditioning solution for homes without forced air.  This system warms and cools your home evenly and quietly.  The Unico System uses flexible small ducts that can weave through ceilings, walls, and floors.  The system is so non-intrusive that the vents almost blend into your floor, wall or ceiling, as shown in the picture above.  As a Unico HVAC contractor, we understand The Unico System Rules of Installation, so installation is only limited to your imagination.

If you’re ready to install a cooling system in your home, but you don’t have forced air, contact Practical Systems.  As a Unico contractor, we can design a system unique to your home’s cooling needs and install it with little to no remodeling.  After we leave, you won’t even know we were there, unless you can find the small, discrete vents of the Unico System.  If you have forced air, but you attend a summer bar-b-q at a friend’s South Minneapolis home, mention this blog to them.  It may be they haven’t done anything about their cooling system because they weren’t aware of their options.  Connect with us on Facebook and LinkedIn to keep on top of the revolutionary ways Practical Systems can help you improve your indoor air comfort!


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