It’s Still Cold!

Have you noticed that it’s still cold out there?  Here we are at the end of March and we’re still waking up to temperatures in the 20’s.  If your furnace, boiler, or gas fireplace is acting up don’t wait until next fall to get a safety check and tune-up.  You don’t know when the first cold snap is going to be in the fall, but you’ll want to make sure everything is running smoothly.  If there’s something funky going on with your heating system it’s not going to go away over the summer, and you’ll want everything working when you really need it to.

Practical Systems can get your furnace, boiler, or gas fireplace back on track.  For only $99.95 we’ll come to your house and perform a safety check and tune-up on your heating system.  Don’t worry about the messy spring ground with all of its mud and slush, our technicians always take special care over your floors by wearing booties so as to not track in mud and dirt from outside.  We understand that everyone is busy and has tight schedules.  It’s spring break time and the last thing you want to do on your week off is wait for a service technician during a four hour window.  If you schedule us to come to your home at 2:00pm, we’ll be there at 2:00pm.  

Practical Systems is your full service heating and air conditioning company servicing all of Hennepin County and suburbs into St. Paul.  Give us a call and mention this blog when you’re scheduling your heating system safety check and tune-up for $99.95.  Follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn to be notified of our weekly blogs.  In our blogs you’ll find helpful information to keep your home efficient as well as deals and specials we’re offering for maintenance, installation, and repair.  

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