It’s Time To Tune Up Your Boiler Heating System

medium_265236006Many homes in the Minneapolis area are heated by using a boiler system to produce hot water heat.  It’s a good idea to get your system tuned up every year, but you may be wondering what the tune-up technician is looking for during the process.  After reading this blog, you’ll know exactly why it’s so important to have a professional HVAC technician evaluate your boiler heating system yearly.

Efficiency and safety are the number one factors as to why tune-ups are important.


According to, older boiler systems ran at about 56% efficiency.  Your system may be inefficient if:

  • It’s older
  • It was a coal system converted to oil or gas
  • Your boiler system operates on a pilot light rather than an electronic ignition

Efficiency is important for your pocketbook as well as the environment.  In a colder climate like ours here in Minneapolis, if you convert a 56% efficient boiler to one that’s 90% efficient, you reduce your carbon dioxide emissions each year by 1.5 tons if you heat with gas.  Also, when you convert your 56% efficient boiler to a 90% efficient one, you will save about $38 per $100 spent on fuel costs.


Safety is a concern with all heating systems; this is because of combustion air, which is needed for the operation of all oil and gas heating systems.  The combustion process creates byproducts that are harmful to human health, but also may deteriorate your home.  To keep these byproducts away from where they can cause damage, proper ventilation is needed to route these hazards outside.  Your technician will check for proper ventilation and that your chimney system is functioning properly. 

Do you or someone you know have a boiler system to keep the temperature in your home warm and comfortable this winter?  Even if it was just installed, you should schedule a tune-up with a professional HVAC contractor.  Contact Practical Systems today to schedule a time for one of our technicians to come out to ensure your heating system is as safe and efficient as possible.  If a new system is necessary, we can also help you with choosing the right size and level of efficiency that is right for your home and your budget.  Connect with us on Facebook and LinkedIn for our weekly blog updates so you’re aware of what you need to do every season to keep your home safe and efficient.

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