Natural Gas Fire Pit: 3 Things To Consider

small__3674690421People live in Minneapolis, MN and the surrounding suburbs for the sake of convenience.  When you need one ingredient from the grocery store, you can usually run to the store and be back at your house within fifteen minutes.  Neighborhoods in the Minneapolis metro area have been designed so that everything you need is no more than a few minutes away, and is sometimes within walking distance.  However, one place people don’t always think of adding a little convenience to their lives is when considering the design of their fire pit.  In this blog I’m going to talk about what to consider when planning your natural gas outdoor fire pit project.

First, you’ll want to make sure you choose the best location in your yard for your natural gas fire pit.  Be sure to choose a location that doesn’t have a lot of low hanging trees over the fire pit.  Also, the location shouldn’t have dry grasses near the fire pit or other things that could easily catch on fire.  You can avoid these hazards by building a patio or including some other form of hardscaping around your fire pit, such as gravel.  Take careful consideration when thinking of the design of your fire pit.  Here, you have three options:  1) designing and installing it yourself, 2) hiring a contractor, or 3) buying a pre-made fire pit from a home improvement store.  Designing, building, and installing a fire pit on your own can be time and labor intensive.  It can also be dangerous when handling the flammable components.  Pre-fabricated fire pits may be a little easier and less risky, however they may limit your design options, leaving less room for creativity.  Practical Systems can help if you go with the option of hiring a contractor for your project.  With this option, not only is it safe, your design options are only limited to your creativity.  Our trained technicians will consult you on design and location, and will be involved in the installation from start to finish. 

If you’re sick of hauling wood to your back yard and want the convenience of a natural gas fire pit, contact Practical Systems today for your free estimate.  Follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn so you can stay on top of all the ways Practical Systems can make your home and yard as convenient as possible! 

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