Reprogram your Thermostat for Daylight Savings Time

We’ve all done it.  That moment of panic when you think you’ve come to work on a Saturday.  Yes, Daylight Savings Time is this Sunday, March 10th.  At 1:59am we’ll skip right over 2:00am and go right into 3:00am.  Take note, bar hoppers, your evening will be cut short so be sure to plan an after party at your house.  More importantly, make sure the sleeping guests strewn across your living room floor are comfortable by programming your thermostat to turn on at the right time.  The best sleeping weather is right around 65 degrees.  Make sure you don’t get roasted out of bed at 5am when your furnace kicks up the temp to a cozy 70.  If you don’t have a programmable thermostat, one of our technicians would be happy to answer your questions and discuss any questions you may have.  At Practical Systems we proudly represent Honeywell thermostats.  Honeywell programmable thermostats:

  • Can save you up to 33% on heating and cooling costs
  • Are good for the environment as they save energy
  • Are the most accurate thermostats on the market
  • Are convenient and easy to program

Avoid lying in your warm and cozy bed only to realize you’ve forgotten to adjust the temperature, or coming home from work after a long day only to find your home five degrees too cold.  A programmable thermostat usually pays for itself within the first year of ownership, so give us a call if you’re ready to make your home that much more comfortable.  Remember, we’re as concerned with your schedule as you are; our appointments are for the time we schedule, not a window of several hours.  Be sure to mention this blog and get $50 off equipment and installation.  As always, connect with us on Facebook and LinkedIn for continued tips for a comfortable and efficient home. 

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