The Benefits Of Installing A Small-Duct Unico Cooling System

small__3325253429Do you want central cooling but have hot water heat?  That’s a problem for many owners of older homes.  Several homeowners have found a solution in a small-duct air conditioning system.  In this blog, I want to talk about the benefits of installing a small-duct cooling system in your home that currently doesn’t have forced air.

The best small-duct cooling system is the Unico System.  Homebuyers buy older homes because of the classic architecture, molding, and details put into historic homes.  Owners of these homes sacrifice indoor air comfort to preserve the details of their home that may be ruined by putting in window air conditioning units, or installing traditional forced air systems.  The Unico System allows you to have it all, without a messy renovation. 

No Window Units

Window units are great for apartment living, however, they ruin the beauty that you originally bought your house for.  Window units are loud, an eyesore, and don’t cool a home evenly or consistently.  The Unico System provides even cooling all throughout your home, is virtually invisible, and so silent you’ll forget you have it.

No Metal Ducts

Metal ducts that come along with traditional forced air systems are pretty limited as to how you can run them throughout your home.  They’re large, so they lower the ceiling height in basements.  The outlet vents are also big, forcing you to cut big holes in your beautiful original hardwood flooring.  The Unico System’s ducts are just 2 inches in diameter and their flexible tubes can be run virtually anywhere in your home.  They fit in walls, under floors, and the output vents are as small as puck lights, so are easily placed in discrete locations. 

Now that you know the benefits of the Unico System, contact Practical Systems for your free estimate.  Practical Systems is an authorized contractor who knows the ins and outs of the Unico System.  Together, we’ll come up with a central cooling plan for your home.  Contact us at 612-221-8031 and follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn to learn about the innovative ways we can give your older home modern conveniences. 

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