Tune Up Your Furnace, Gas Fireplace, or Boiler

HeatingOur temperatures have been all over the board this winter.  As soon as we get a heavy snowfall it seems like we get a couple of gorgeous 40 degree days right in a row to melt all that fresh new powder.  As I write this, yesterday was one of those days that melted a new snowfall and this morning the outdoor thermostat read eight degrees.  Eight!  Minnesota winters aren’t for the faint of heart and there’s certain things every Minnesotan needs to know in order to survive. 

  • How to walk on ice
  • How to drive on ice
  • How to look good in snow pants and snow boots; and
  • How to get out of going somewhere when it’s just too cold out to leave the house

With temperatures fluctuating so much it got me thinking about the importance of having a furnace that is working as well as it should.  There are two important factors to take into consideration, the first being the most critical, carbon monoxide.  This silent killer can leak into your home without proper venting, so it’s extremely important to know your vents are clear.  The second is a money issue.  If your furnace or fireplace isn’t running as efficiently as it should, it could be costing you unnecessary dollars.  An inspection and tune up will relieve your mind of these two worries.  Perhaps you’ve discovered you’ve already spent more on heating this year than you should have and you need to save money on your tune up.  Practical Systems has a coupon just for that.  For $115 we’ll come in and preform our 30pt Tune Up for your furnace, boiler, or gas fireplace, which includes:

  • Inspect head exchanger for leaks/blockage
  • Check vent pipe
  • Check thermostat for dirt/dust
  • Check blower and motor bearing
  • Check wire connections
  • Check operation of safety control

Above are just a few inclusions of our thorough inspection for your furnace, boiler, or gas fireplace.  Contact Practical Systems for more information and to schedule your 30pt Tune Up.  And as always, be sure to follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn for more heating and cooling helpful tips!

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