We Guarantee Our Work and Respect Your Time

With the barely-above-zero temperatures we’ve been having there have been lots of price shopping around for heating service in residential homes.  So, this week I want to talk about what makes us different from any old Schmoe you may have found by flipping the phone book open to the HVAC section, covering your eyes and letting your finger fall to a random spot on the page.  Now, I know that’s not how you make important decisions about home maintenance; no one uses a phone book anymore, but I do want to help make your decision easier and safer.  We believe our customers choose us because of the way we run our business.  We care about our work and we care about our clients.  See for yourself by checking out our guarantees:

  •  Property Protection Guarantee – in the unlikely event damage should occur to your property, Practical Systems will arrange for a professional to correct the damage at no expense to you.
  • Comfort Guarantee – all equipment quoted will be sized correctly for maximum efficiency and comfort.
  • No Lemon Guarantee – if your furnace heat exchanger fails within the first 10 years due to improper installation, Practical Systems will install a new furnace for free.  If the air conditioning compressor fails within the first 5 years due to improper installation, the outdoor unit will be replaced at no charge to you.
  • Priority Service Guarantee – if your new system should ever break down during the warranty period and leave you without heating or cooling, Practical Systems will provide priority service within 24 hours.
  • No Surprises Guarantee – once work begins, the price quoted for the scope of work defined is the price you pay, period!
  • 100% Satisfaction guaranteed for one full year!

Here’s what Lynn in St. Louis Park had to say about our service:Our guarantees put us a cut above the rest.  You may not think working with a heating and air company could get any better than that, but we also respect your time.  You’re our client and so we schedule a mutually beneficial time for us to come to your home.  No two hour windows of time and no waiting around for us all day; we set a time and we’ll be there.

“The installer was pleasant, answered all of my questions, worked hard and efficiently to get the job done.  Thank you, a very pleasant experience.”

If you find yourself moving from one heating and air company to another every time your home needs service, consider your search complete as we know you’ll come back to us time and time again.  Be sure to connect with me on Facebook and follow my LinkedIn business page to hear about what’s happening in the world of heating and air!

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