First Aid For The Homeowner

All of us in the home service business know that there’s no such thing as a non-emergency call. To a homeowner with no heat in winter, no air conditioning in summer, a plugged toilet, broken pipes, no hot water or an unwanted wading pool in the basement, it is always an emergency. Especially when the breakdown occurs at exactly the wrong time. As it always does.

That’s why Jack Hall Plumbing and Heating, Inc. emphasizes speed of service. It’s our goal to get to every customer as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, that’s not always possible. So like soldiers on a battlefield, all homeowners need to know some elementary first aid to stop the bleeding and stabilize the wounded until more thorough help can arrive. Here are some of the things you can do in the event of…

Furnace or boiler failure:

Is there any experience more chilling than waking up in the middle of winter and seeing your breath? Besides being cold, it usually costs more to get a service technician out in the middle of the night. Also, repairs can often take a day or two, which puts your pipes in jeopardy of freezing.

There are a couple of things you can do that might forestall the need for a service call. First, check to see if the heating system’s electrical switch is in the on position. This looks just like a light switch and can usually be found somewhere in the vicinity of the boiler or furnace. Next check the fuse or circuit breaker to the heating system’s electrical line. If the fuse is blown, replace it, or else flick the circuit breaker back to the on position.

Once you’re assured that the power is on, check the thermostat to make sure nobody turned the dial way down. If it’s a programmable unit, make sure the thermostat is programmed correctly. Finally, take a look outside to make sure there’s not a general power outage in your neighborhood.

If none of these electrical flukes bear out, you have a more serious problem. Then call a professional. If you are lucky, a service technician will be out there before too many hours pass. Sometimes, though, it may take a day or two to fix your system. Depending on how severe the weather is, you need to decide whether to seek other shelter or tough it out with extra blankets and space heaters. Whatever you do, don’t try to generate heat by turning on your cooking stove. Appliances are not intended for space heating and are dangerous when used for that purpose.

If you are interested in more, please check out our Annual Preventative Maintenance Program and you won’t have to worry about at thing.

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