Complete Home Comfort With Zoning Systems

The ultimate in comfort also pays for itself in energy savings. At Practical Systems, our home comfort specialists can set up programmable thermostats that allow you to control the heating/cooling needs of your home by zones. Sleeping and living areas are seldom used simultaneously–why waste money heating or cooling an empty bedroom or formal living room when it’s not being used?

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How Zoning Works

In most Minnesota homes you will find only one thermostat controlling the comfort levels for the entire house. This thermostat is usually located in a hallway and will keep the hallway at the temperature you set while other areas of the home range from too hot to too cold. Zoning allows a thermostat in each room (or zone) for individual temperature control.

Baby’s Room Bedroom
Kitchen Rec Room

If you are looking for a complete zoning system for your Minnesota home, please call us today at (952)933-1868 or complete our online request form.


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