Get Rid Of Springtime Allergies

small__4867472163The snow is gone! The air is warm(er)! Soon it will be filled with the birds, the bees, and unfortunately, a whole lot of pollen.  Most of us are more than ready for this transition, but for some the joys of spring come along with congestion, watery eyes, and fatigue.  If you are an allergy sufferer and you’re preparing to buy stock in Kleenex, instead consider investing a little money in your AC unit.

In the warmer months excess moisture causes mold and mildew to grow in your home.  A professionally maintained AC unit removes moisture  and keeps the air at the correct humidity.  AC units also filter the pollen that causes your allergies.  If you have a cooling unit it is time to schedule a professional to have your system tuned up.

Another highly efficient method for clearing out pollutants within your home is an electronic air cleaner.  By installing an EAC system you will eliminate nearly 94% of pollutants in the air.  At a running cost of 30 cents per day, it’s an economical and highly effective way of ensuring the air you breath is as pure as possible. 

Instead of wasting money on prescriptions and tissues, invest a little in the air quality within your home.  In addition to helping you rest well at night and breath easy during the day, you’ll also be building equity in your home by having a properly maintained and efficient AC unit and electronic air cleaner.  If you have more questions about the maintenance of your cooling system or the installation of an air cleaner, contact Practical Systems and receive $20.14 off your bill by mentioning this blog.  Be sure to share us with your friends and neighbors on Facebook and connect with us on LinkedIn

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