Getting Your Natural Gas Fireplace A Tune-Up

photo credit: USCPSC via photopin cc

photo credit: USCPSC via photopin cc

Imagine you’re coming home from work on the coldest day and snowiest day of the year.  You wrestled with our legendary Minneapolis winter weather traffic jams and it took you an hour longer to get home than normal.  The temperatures were so low that your garage door was frozen to the floor of your garage, which you had to chisel free after nearly getting your car stuck in your driveway from all the snow.  When you get into your house you immediately peel your wet socks off and change into your favorite clothes to lounge in.  You pour yourself a glass of wine, sit in your favorite chair, and click the button for the natural gas fireplace, anticipating the radiating heat while you curl up with a new book.  However, your fireplace remains dark.  You click the button over and over again, yet the flames never kick on.  Your fireplace has gone kaput at the worst possible time.

When you get your natural gas fireplace tune-up in the fall with Practical Systems, a Minneapolis based HVAC company serving all western suburbs and into St. Paul, you avoid the risk of losing your heat source, which always happens on the most miserable day of the year.  By scheduling a 33-point tune-up with Practical Systems, one of our trained, professional tune-up technicians will come out to your house at a scheduled time.  With Practical Systems, there is no waiting around during a block of time for your technician to show up.  This allows you to fit our scheduled tune-up into your busy schedule much easier.  During your tune-up, we check on 33 important points to make sure your natural gas fireplace is clean, free of debris, and fully functional with working parts.

Do you or someone you know rely on a natural gas fireplace for a relaxing evening at home during the winter?  Don’t get stuck in the cold this winter!  Call Practical Systems today to schedule your 33-point tune-up.  Be sure to connect with us on Facebook and LinkedIn so you can stay on top of all the ways we’re helping our clients with their indoor air comfort.      

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